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  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (2009) A User’s Guide to Therapy: What to Expect and How You Can Benefit, Norton: New York
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. & Kuechler, Carol F. (2008). Training supervisors of practitioners: Analysis of efficacy. The Clinical Supervisor 27 (1) pp. 76-96.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (2005). Caught between cultures: Hmong parents in America’s sibling society. Hmong Studies Journal , 2004-2005 (5) pp. 81-94.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (2004). Supervisory relationships. Supervision as Collaboration in the Human Services: Building a Learning Culture, M. Austin & K. Hopkins, Eds. Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA .
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (2003). Achieving shared meaning: Understanding a Hmong family’s response to marital violence. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work 12 (2) pp. 29-54.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L., Kuechler, Carol F., Barretta-Herman, Angeline. (2000). Challenges in Cross Cultural Supervision (a training videorecording and instructor’s manual) St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas Supervision Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. and Barretta-Herman, Angeline. (1999). The supervision institute: A model for supervisory training The Clinical Supervisor 18(1), pp. 33-46.
  • Graham, Mari.Ann., Kaiser, Tamara L., Garrett, Kendra. (1998). Naming the spiritual: The hidden dimension of help. Social Thought: Journal of Religion in the Social Services (18) 4 p.p.49-62.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (1997). Supervisory Relationships: Exploring The Human Element Brooks/Cole: Pacific Grove.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (1995). Book review of Bringing Ethics Alive: Feminist Ethics In Psychotherapy Practice, Gartrell, N. Ed. (1995) Affilia 10 (2) pp.216-217
  • Kaiser, Tamara, L. (1994). Book review of Contextual Family Therapy: Assessment Of Intervention Procedures Goldenthal, P. (1994) Journal of Family Psychotherapy 5(4) pp. 91-93.
  • Kaiser, Tamara L. (1993). Book review of At Personal Risk: Boundary Violations In Professional Relations. Newsletter, Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work
  • Kaiser, Tamara, L. (1992). The supervisory relationship: An identification of the primary elements in the relationship and an application of two theories on ethical relationships. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 18(3): 283-296.
  • Rosenblatt, P., Spoentgen, P., Karis, T., Dahl, C., Kaiser, T., Elde, C. (1991). Difficulties in supporting the bereaved. Omega. 23(2): 119-128.

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